Serious road cycling is a
combination of athletic ability
and conditioning, laws of
physics (engineering,) and
experience.  The mission of
this site is to promote road
cycling in the spirit of this
Why is it easier to ride on hot, humid days than on cold dry
days?  A simple air density calculation quantifies its affect on
bike speed.  Click on navigation bar, Airdensity
Wheels:  Wheel mass and inertia data are presented for a
number of wheel types and manufacturers.  Click on navigation
bar, Wheels.
I have been an avid road biker for over 25 years.  During that time I have
commuted over 50,000 miles, participated in over 100's of time trials,
many team triathelons, and a few road races.  Needless to say, I am
passionate about road biking.

My professional career for 30 years with a large company consisted  of
another passion, math modeling mechanical engineering problems, and I
have a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering.  Therefore, the biking advice and
experience that I present will naturally be in the context of studied
engineering principles, some with mathematical developments.    

I have created this site to share my experience and developments with
other road bikers.  I will draw from my decades of personal experience,
analysis, and learning to periodically develop features for this site that will
be of interest and use to serious road bikers.

Feel free to visit periodically for updates.  If you would like to be
contacted on the occasion of a major updates to, submit
your e-mail with the form below.  Thanks.

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About BikeTech
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Head and seat tube angles are an important factors in bike
frame specifications.
A simple program is provided to accurately calculate the head
and seat tube angles of your bike.  Only a tape measure is
needed.  A scale drawing is provided for printing.  Click on
Frame Drawing in navigation bar.
Latest Additions

Wind tunnel testing is becoming more prevalent and
available for the serious cyclist, according to a Wall
Street Journal Article.
Cycling Engineering Science
Computer-Analysis Competition Conditioning
Choosing Bike Wheels for Performance
The energy consumed by bike wheels was measured by a coast-down test.  A variety of
wheels were tested.  They included standard 3 and 4 cross patterns, radially spoked wheels,
and a solid wheel.  Commercial wheels included Zipp, Spinnergy, and Rolf.  The results
clearly indicate a measure of the energy consumed by each type of wheel as a function of
bike speed.
Frame Shaper (PC only)
Easily manipulate the components of a frame design to visually obtain the look that you
want.  All dimensions given on a scale drawing of your creation.  
Life is too short to play without the latest technology.
There is nothing for sale on this web site, nor is any manufacturer sponsoring or